USB Data Recovery recover deleted formatted photo video file

Recover deleted files from SD memory card, usb drive, computer hard disk, memory stick, etc.

USB Data Recovery recover deleted formatted photo video file

Postby ellabawe » Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:27 am

The tutorial about how to recover deleted photos and video files from USB devicesFiles deleted from usb drive are not permanently erased. A delete command only flags the deleted files as “erased”, while the actual storage area of the deleted files are marked free for new data to overwrite. That means, the deleted files actual data remain on USB before new files take up the space of deleted files.

So you should avoid writing data to the USB device until the USB drive data recovery is done. New data includes pictures, videos, documents, songs, and any other files.

Download USB drive data recovery software and use the software to scan usb drive and recover lost files. The data recovery program can recover deleted photos, videos and audio files from the external usb storage, removable drive, memory stick, external hard disk, usb key, etc.

USB drive data recovery video tutorial
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